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About Us

Mike's Welding is a family business through and through. It has been owned and operated by Mike Kunz and his family for the last 20 years. Located in Sterling, Alaska, we are dedicated to providing the Kenai Peninsula with custom, professional aluminum fabrication. 

Meet the Family




Mike Kunz was born and raised in Wisconsin but it was always his dream to one day move to Alaska. He met Gloria, also a Wisconsin native, and somehow convinced her to go on a crazy adventurous journey to Alaska in 1986.  Two kids and two years later, Alaska was now their lifelong home.


Mike's Welding was founded in 1992 in a two car garage two miles down a dirt road.  Over the years, business increased and  Mike needed more space.  A piece of property caught his eye on the Sterling highway and slowly but surely Mike built himself a new shop and opened in 1998.  And that's when things really took off.


Mike is the idea man, the thinker, the dreamer.  He's also the doer.  At 62 years young, he has more energy than someone half his age and utilizes his time wisely.  From sun up to sundown, day in and day out, Mike works hard and plays even harder.





Buck, who started working in the shop at age 13, has not only inherited but hones a talent and creative flair for metal fabrication. Much like his father, he strives to learn something new every day and looks for ways to improve what has previously been done.  Stepping into the role as shop foreman, Buck has made it possible for Mike's Welding to be able to take on bigger and more creative projects and sees it to completion.


Buck has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication with a film production emphasis.  Following Mike's lead, he is also an avid outdoorsman with a tremendous passion for the Kenai Peninsula and the unique people that reside there.  He recently started a business, Kenai Kid Productions, and this passion shines through in his films.



Gloria really is the heart of Mike's Welding. She keeps the boys in check when things get busy and stressful around the shop. Mike and Gloria met in Wisconsin, and started this crazy, adventerous journey to Alaska together. They have been married now for almost 30 years.


Gloria has been a beautician most of her life, and she owned and operated Gloria's Hair Salon right here in Sterling, Alaska for 13 years. She is retired now, and helps Mike and Buck with the welding shop. "Gal Friday," is Mike's nickname for her. She runs most of the errands and handles the accounting. More importantly, she makes sure that Mike doesn's spend all the companies money on toys.     



Amber also grew up working in the welding shop but chose to pursue a career in dental hygiene.  She now lives in Anchorage, Alaska and practices at Silverman Dental.  Although she cleans teeth during the week, she is known to don on her welding helmet and help out on the weekends especially during the busy dip net season.  She was the main technician of the PlasmaCAM, a computerized plasma torch, and spent years designing cut outs for metal signs, gates, and fire pits for customers.

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